Chris Vannoy

Fractional CTO/CPO
Indianapolis, IN

I've been a journalist, a Rubyist, a product manager, a coding bootcamp instructor, a software executive and a not-entirely-successful micropreneur.

These days, I'm exploring how to bring lightness into the world however I can, while supporting a family of four.

I've led engineering teams through leadership changes, Soc II audits, acquisitions, and typical startup turmoil.

I've helped build and define engineering processes - both tangible and philosophical.

I've outlined product roadmaps and workflows and helped define strategy for B2B SaaS products.

And I've been doing all this for the last 15-plus years here in Indianapolis.

I love mess in the Marie Kondo sense, and would love to hear about yours and how I can help lighten your load a bit.

Get in touch any of the ways listed below, or shoot an email to chris at chrisvannoy dot com.

Finally: Tomorrow's going to be a great day! No matter what today was like, tomorrow will be awesome.